Excavator plate compactor attachments
- by experts for experts -

UHRIG has long been a trailblazer when it comes to using excavator plate compactor attachments in order to make work site operations safer and more efficient.

In fact, compaction with plate compactor attachments instead of hand-operated vibratory plate compactors and manual tampers became standard practice at UHRIG work sites early on.

The world of the UAM brand and its long tradition

Plate compactor attachments were a rarity on the market 25 years ago, and that meant that our experts wound up developing and producing our own machines based on our specific needs.

Then, in 2013, the UHRIG Group decided to offer these premium plate compactor attachments to other construction companies under the UAM brand name and to continue developing them.

Today, we produce a large number of models for carriers in weight classes of 1.5 to 60 metric tons and sell them worldwide.


Plate compactor attachments guarantee effective and efficient compaction while ensuring that you will be able to take much greater advantage of the corresponding carriers. In other words, they are quick to pay for themselves.


By perfectly matching impact forces to plate dimensions, our products deliver maximum efficiency and extraordinary compaction results.

With adjustable frequencies

In order to ensure that you can always get optimal compaction performance, all our plate compactor attachments come with stepless frequency adjustments. Or to put it simply, you can always get the right frequency for any soil.


Vertically mounted isolator elements ensure extremely quiet running and significantly reduce wear on carrier pins and booms.


Heavy-duty construction and the use of premium components guarantee durability and minimize downtimes caused by necessary repairs.


By eliminating the need for hand-operated compaction, the risk of accidents is minimized and compliance with vibration and emission regulations is ensured.

UAM plate compactor attachments – by experts for experts

UHRIG is known for its all-in-one solutions, and our plate compactor attachments are no exception. This is why our range of products is compatible with carriers with an operating weight of 1.5 to 60 metric tons.

We use sophisticated and clever designs to maximize not just efficiency, but also safety at the work site.

This makes it possible to take fuller advantage of construction equipment with the use of versatile attachments. This not only helps conserve resources, but also contributes to an enormous increase in efficiency – particularly at work sites where space is tight. 

In short, our compactors make it possible to carry out compaction work right where you need it with optimized costs and without the need for the personnel required for hand-operated equipment.

Advice and implementation experts

We will be more than happy to provide you with detailed information and explain how to best use our plate compactor attachments.

For more information on UAM proline products, please visit our YouTube channel.

The right machine for every excavator and every work site.

The ability to freely configure our equipment, combined with our wide range of models, means that UAM plate compactor attachments for carriers with weight classes of 1.5 to 60 metric tons are perfect for making your earth-moving work safer and more effective.

By experts for experts: That is not just a tagline for us!


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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